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Tailors know what’s in and what’s not

Finding the Best Tailor Made Suits in Thailand

Bangkok is definitely the ultimate travel destination. It is a complete package, a perfect blend of modern and traditional. From its exotic beaches, cultural hubs, uniquely themed restaurants, and night markets, it is very easy to fall in love in the City of Smiles.

There is always something new to discover in Bangkok. Did you know that the country is also one of the best places in the world to for custom tailored clothing? If you are going to Bangkok or planning your trip, you might want to take a side trip and order a dapper suit tailor made especially for you.

Tailors in Thailand are known for their quality of work. In fact, men and women from different parts of Asia and the world visit Bangkok just to meet with the best tailors and have their quality custom suit made for reasonable prices. There are a lot of options available and the locals are very much willing to help you find a good bespoke tailor that will suit your taste.

If you are traveling to Thailand anytime soon, make sure to get to know their suit industry. There will always be a time where you will need one so it is better to invest. Looking for tips for Bangkok tailors? Continue reading below.

Which Bangkok tailor should you choose?

It can be quite difficult to look for a place to find the perfect tailor around Bangkok but ask someone who has been familiar with the place and he would most probably direct you to Narry’s.

Narry’s Bespoke Tailor has been known for its passionate international tailors that are knowledgeable in tasteful made-to-measure suits and made-to-measure shirts and suits. Over the years, the brand has developed a great reputation and is hailed as the only brand to the Golden Shield Award from the late Prime Minister for their services in tailoring. It has many stores located around Bangkok.

Narry’s does everything from shirts, pants, and shorts. The store specialization however, include men’s 3-Piece suit, tailored made shirt, and men’s dinner suit. Each piece is made carefully, taking into consideration every important detail. In here, adjustments are constantly made to be able to deliver the best for clients.

While there is a wide selection of catalogues and designs available, it will still help to know what you really want. Bringing a photo of a specific style can help a lot in finding the perfect bespoke clothing that you want. Knowing what you want in terms of what fabric to use is equally important as well. Narry’s tailor can suggest a good fabric that go with your preferred design or you can bring your own fabric for them to use.

It is important for you to feel comfortable with your tailor. While they are knowledgeable with just about everything when it comes to tailor made suit, it is still very important to trust your tailor in making, and eventually delivering a piece that you really want. Choosing someone that already has a credibility should be your priority.

Bespoke clothing is an industry in Bangkok. And just like in any industry, there will be those who will work only for their advantage and not for their clients. Narry’s is a respected name in this industry and the brand is something you can trust. Narry’s affiliated tailors spent years perfecting and honing their skills so it is safe to say that you never can go wrong with them.

Tailors know what’s in and what’s not

Narry’s Bespoke Tailors are known for their elegant taste that even if you have your own preferred design, you can make sure to get useful inputs from them. These inputs are usually very helpful in terms of choosing the right custom suit for you.

There are different types of suit that are used in various different kinds of events. Clients don’t often know the right thing to wear because of this. What works best for a black-tie event? How about a dinner party? Or a wedding? Does a dark double-breasted suit fit you? Is the two-button suit more comfortable? You can be assured that the tailors at Narry’s will give you every detail and explain everything to narrow down your choices. Wearing suit might not appear simple but professional tailor can you help you understand.

Narry’s shops around Bangkok is frequented by VIPs but they cater to just about everybody and the service, guaranteed the same. These tailors are very passionate about the latest fashion, the newest fabric, and the latest style. Most even have access to exclusive fashion shows. They know what is in and what is not. Their suggestions do matter.

What can you expect when you visit?

Generally, people come and visit a tailor store expecting to have a tailor-made suit or clothing in an instant. This is not the case, really. Narry’s is known for its craftsmanship and it will take more than just one visit to get you your perfect suit.

A suit requires a few fittings and that means a few visits. You also need to consider the materials and the style. A tailor will also ask you about every single detail you want including what you want for your buttons. And yes, even if you have a particular style in mind, the tailors still have to work for it.

But the good thing about this is that the store also knows how to deal with rush orders. Are you a foreigner who just want to have a special custom made Narry’s suit and you don’t have a lot of time to spend in Bangkok? We can still talk and check what would work best. Also, remember that prices vary depending on the custom tailoring made and the materials used.

The importance of wearing suit

A person should have at least one suit in his closet. A suit works both for men and women. Many people think that suits are only for business purposes but the thing is, it can be worn on various occasions especially today, when suit fashion is becoming widely popular.

Wearing the right suit improves one appearance, giving an aura of respect in both personal and professional matters. For business professionals, suit design is more on the conservative and straightforward style. For the lovers of fashion however, suit style is more fashion forward and bold.

You can wear suits depending on your mood and preferences. Today, suit is not just about business, it can be worn casually too.

Our tailors at Narry’s know this and in fact continue to be trained in order to get the demands of suits especially for the millennials or the younger individuals.

Bespoke fashion trend

More and more people today are keen in expressing their individuality. Indeed, bespoke is everywhere. Big brands use it to personalize bags, shirts, shoes, and a lot more.

When it comes to suit, bespoke is also the way to go.  This has been going on for centuries and instead of buying a ready to wear suit, tailors allow an individual to express what they want down to the smallest details. This way, the design becomes even more personal.

Custom suit made by bespoke tailors can somehow also be more expensive. But of course, it is still an investment. This type of clothing requires extra care and the price should be worth it.

Narry’s tailors work to deliver exactly what you want. Price may slightly be higher but still very affordable. It is also not just about style but feeling good. At Narry’s, we assure you that your suit does spark joy and it is something that can last for years. Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand.

On your next visit to Bangkok, include suit shopping in your itineraries. It may sound bizarre but you’d be surprise on the number of people that do this. People from all over the world love to go to Bangkok for what it has to offer. With its booming suit industry, you can be assured and proud that what you will get and what you will be wearing is the best in terms of quality in design. Learn from the VIPs of the world. One of their best suits is probably made in Thailand.

It is easy to find Narry’s Bespoke tailors around Bangkok. You may also check the website for branches. There is also a Narry’s store in Phuket so taking a break from the beach to have your own tailored suit made may be just a good idea!

There are a lot of tailors offering custom made suit in Bangkok. How would you know Narry’s is the one for you? You’ll feel it once you get to enter one of our stores. But if ever you need a Narry’s suit but don’t have the time to visit Bangkok, our tailor with go directly to where you are. Narry’s tailors do travel to provide consultation, measurement, and ordering services. It just needs to be scheduled via the website. You can also go to the website to fill in your measurement and have the suit delivered from Bangkok to your doorsteps anywhere in the world.