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Time and effort must be put to ensure that you have the shirt that you wanted. – narry


When it comes to having that classy manly look with your tailored shirt, it is very crucial that you are wearing a shirt that fits your body type and matches the suit. With several shirts to pick from, it can become very difficult to choose a good shirt as you will mostly find tent-like shirts that you can only wear within your homestead. From occasional wear to office wear, there are so many ways that you can emphasize your incredible quality and mix up your wardrobe with minimal effort.

The only way that you can find a great shirt that you can wear to a wedding or just in the office is by having a custom-made shirt just for you. Although there are several tailors, not all of them can give you what you desire.

Fortunately, with Narry Bespoke Tailors, you can get one of the best-tailored shirts in Bangkok and all you have to do is make your order.

How a shirt should fit you

Although it is important to know what qualities to choose in a shirt, there are various distinctions for picking a shirt —mostly depending on you own body type —and it is therefore important that you understand how a shirt should fit on various body shapes, widths, heights and postures.

  • Collar: A good shirt should not have a collar that is roomy rather it should be comfortable to wear and it allows you to slide two fingers and should be easily buttoned. If you can slide only less than two fingers inside your collar, your shirt will be too tight and will feel too choking on your throat. As with being able to slide more than two fingers in your collar, the shirt will most likely look too loose.
  • Shoulder: It is very crucial that you check where the sleeves attach to the body and make sure they sit comfortably on your shoulder and it should not billow or pull. When you are standing still, the shirt ought to fit perfectly on the edge of the shoulders and it should not be below or above.
  • Chest: A great shirt should allow for a complete range of motions and it should fit comfortably on your back and chest and under your armpits. You should also be able to raise your hands comfortably without the feeling of a fabric stretch on your back. If you like tucking your shirt, when you raise your hand, make sure that your belly is not seen.

What to consider when buying a shirt

The fabric: There are various fabrics that shirts are made from and depending on your preference, you should know the kind of fabric that your shirt is made from.

Tailored vs ready-made: If you are the kind of person that does not have the patience to wait for a custom-made shirt for days to a week, you can always opt for off-the-rack shirts.

Although tailored shirts may take some time, the end product is remarkable and it will fit perfectly on your body shape.

Stepping out in class with your shirt requires some effort. Whether you will be buying off-the-rack shirts or will be calling up any tailor in Bangkok to make your shirt, time and effort must be put to ensure that you have the shirt that you wanted.