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With a tailored suit, not only do you grab people’s attention but you can hold and sustain it. – narry


No matter the kind of job you are doing, everyday is a business of self-promotion. Each day you are selling yourself to clients, employers and potential clients. There is no outfit that is as persuasive as a suit which is properly styled and cut. This garment does not only give you the confidence you need but that same confidence also gives off a good and lasting impression to those people who are interested in you or your work. With a tailored suit, not only do you grab people’s attention but you can hold and sustain it.

What is a suit?

A suit comprises of a trouser, jacket, in a matching cloth and at times it comes with a matching waistcoat. There is a lot that has changed over the centuries on what a was initially referred to as a suit. Although there have been fluctuations in regards to daily fashions, the suit that you should aim to buy should be classic and immune to any kind of whims.

Things to consider when buying a suit

Purpose or occasion: Depending on the reason for you buying the suit, suits that are worn in a wedding can be very different from the ones that will be worn in an office. Some of the questions you need to ask yourself before you plan on getting a tailored suit include what image do you want to create? What do you want to communicate with others in relation to your suit? In what climate conditions will it be worn? And with these, you can be able to decide if the suit will be wool, lighter or cotton.

  • Style preference: Different people have different style preference and what may look good to you may not be that attractive to another person. There are different styles such as single or double-breasted jacket, two or three-piece, pleated or flat-front trousers and a notch or peak lapel. Knowing your style preference is crucial as this will heavily determine with kind of suit you want and you will be wearing it with confidence. For instance, a double-breasted jacket is dashing and has a slimming effect on a heavy man while a single-breasted jacket is more conservative and versatile.
  • Body type: We are aware that people have the different body shape and a certain suit style may look in one body but when worn by another person with a different body shape the effect is not the same. You should talk to your tailor before you decide on which suit will look good with your body shape to help you decide in the style of suit you want.
  • How it fits: When it comes to a suit that will give you that classy look, the foremost concern seems to be how perfectly it fits you. A fitting suit should have an impact and the suit should neither be too loose or too tight.When it comes to getting a perfect suit, there are various thing that you ought to put into consideration as listed above and by following these tips you will be having that classy and awesome feeling when you wear your tailored suit.

Where do you buy a good tailored suit?

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