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Overseas trunk shows

Worldwide suit up tours

As professional tailors with a vast following we often travel overseas to provide our services. Take a look at our 2017 schedule and arrange and appointment with us.

Arrange an appointment



Simply send us an email or fill up our appointment form and we will inform you of our travel schedules. Appointments are made at a hotel or if you have more than 6 people interested in our clothing, we can visit you personally at your home or office. A special price is offered to you for arranging a group of people.

If you are not on our list of cities visited, gather a group of people interested and we can arrange to visit you. Make an appointment, meet us at a convenient location and time. Simply Get measured and your made to measure goods will be sent by DHL.

February - Norway

January 31 Norway Oslo
February 1 Norway Oslo
February 2 Norway Oslo
February 3 Norway Hamstad

February - Denmark

February 4 Denmark Copenhagen
February 5 Denmark Copenhagen

February - Sweden

February 5 Sweden Stockholm
February 7 Sweden Stockholm

February - UK

February 8 UK London
February 9 UK London
February 10 UK London

February & march - Australia

February 24 Austraila Melbourne
February 25 Austraila Melbourne
February 26 Austraila Melbourne
February 27 Austraila Melbourne
February 24 Austraila Melbourne
March 1 Austrailia Sydney
March 2 Austrailia Sydney
March 3 Austrailia Sydney
March 4 Austrailia Sydney
March 5 Austrailia Sydney
March 6 Austrailia Sydney

March - USA

March 15 Wednesday New York City
March 16 Thursday New York City
March 17 Friday New York City
March 18 Saturday New York City
March 19 Sunday New York City
March 20 Monday New York City
March 21 Tuesday New York City
March 22 Wednesday Washington D.C.
March 23 Thursday Washington D.C.
March 24 Friday Washington D.C.
March 25 Saturday Washington D.C.
March 26 Sunday Washington D.C.

May - Switzerland

May 19 Geneva Switzerland
May 20 Geneva Switzerland
May 21 Geneva Switzerland
May 22 Geneva Switzerland
May 23 Zurich Switzerland
May 24 Zurich Switzerland
May 25 Zurich Switzerland

May - Germany

May 25 Stuttgart Germany
May 26 Stuttgart Germany
May 27 Stuttgart Germany
May 28 Cologne Germany
May 29 Cologne Germany
May 30 Berlin Germany
May 31 Berlin Germany
June 1 Berlin Germany

June - Denmark

June 2 Copenhagen Denmark
June 3 Copenhagen Denmark
June 4 Copenhagen Denmark
June 5 Copenhagen Denmark

June - Malaysia

June 11 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
June 12 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
June 13 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
June 14 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
June 15 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
June 16 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

August - Singapore

August 15 Singapore
August 16 Singapore
August 17 Singapore
August 18 Singapore
August 19 Singapore
August 20 Singapore
January 15 Sunday Singapore

September - New Zealand

September 3 Auckland New Zealand
September 4 Auckland New Zealand
September 5 Auckland New Zealand
September 6 Wellington New Zealand
September 7 Wellington New Zealand
September 8 Christchurch New Zealand

September - Australia

September 9 Sydney Australia
September 10 Sydney Australia
September 11 Sydney Australia
September 12 Melbourne Australia
September 13 Melbourne Australia
September 14 Melbourne Australia
September 15 Melbourne Australia

October - Sweden

February 5 Stockholm Sweden
February 7 Stockholm Sweden
February 7 Stockholm Sweden
February 7 Stockholm Sweden
February 7 Gothenburg Sweden
February 7 Gothenburg Sweden
February 7 Gothenburg Sweden

November - USA

November 11 New York City USA
November 12 New York City USA
November 13 New York City USA
November 14 New York City USA
November 15 New York City USA
November 15 Washington D.C. USA
November 16 Washington D.C. USA
November 17 Washington D.C. USA
November 18 Washington D.C. USA
November 19 Washington D.C. USA
November 20 Washington D.C. USA
November 20 Chicago USA

What to expect at our overseas Trunk shows


It is important to us that you see a large range of fabrics to help ensure the right choice of clothing


It is important to us that you see a large range of fabrics to help ensure the right choice of clothing


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