As professional tailors with a vast following we often travel overseas to provide consultations, measuring and ordering services. Take a look at our 2020 schedule and arrange an appointment with us during our next overseas trips.


Mr. Narry is flying all over the world to take orders! See below if he is coming to you and book your appointment now!


To benefit from our overseas trips, simply fill up the appointment form and we will inform you of our travel schedules. Appointments are made at a hotel or if you have more than 6 people interested in our clothing, we can visit you personally at your home or office (Special price offered for groups). If you are not on our list of cities visited, gather a group of people interested and we can arrange to visit you.

January/February 2020 Europe (Dates Announced)

London, England
24th January: 9am to 7pm
25th January: 9am to 7pm
26th January: 9am to 12pm

Oslo, Norway
27th January: 9am to 8pm
28th January: 9am to 8pm
29th January: 9pm to 1pm

Stockholm, Sweden
30th January: 9am to 7pm
31st January: 9am to 12pm

Copenhagen, Denmark
1st February: 9am to 8pm
2nd February: 9am to 8pm
3rd February: 9am to 8pm

Berlin, Germany
4th February: 4pm to 8pm
5th February: 9am to 7pm
6th February: 9am to 12pm

Koln, Germany
7th February: 9am to 7pm
8th February: 9am to 7pm

Zurich, Switzerland
9th February: 4pm to 8pm
10th February: 9am to 7pm
11th February: 9am to 12pm

(Fill the form on the right for location details)
November 13th - 9am to 7pm
November 14th - 9am to 7pm
November 15th - 9am to 7pm

Prices in include Shipping:
1 Custom trouser: NOK 750/-
1 Custom shirt: NOK 500/-
1 Custom suit: NOK 2500/-
6 SHIRTS: NOK 2900 /-
1 suit + 1 shirt + 1 tie : NOK 3200/-
2 Suits 2 Shirts 2 Ties: NOK 6100/-

Overseas trips form

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