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But not everyone needs a custom made suit for the boardroom. Sometimes it’s for the dance floor. In some situations, we will politely remind our customers that with such styles, there are tradeoffs. Having a snug suit restricts motion, and runs counter to our sense of balance and conformity in motion. We believe a suit is a long term investment, and our recommendations hold to this view. The important thing is that the customer is informed of the possible tradeoffs in traditional versus trendy styles, and our aim is not to persuade, but to ensure the customer makes an informed decision.

Another example is that some people, due to their natural complexion, would not look as good in certain colors and designs. While all of our fabrics are top quality (we would not sell them if they were anything but top quality), what is right for one person is not always right for another. In many cases, simply draping a fabric over a customer’s shoulder in front of a mirror is all that is necessary to convince someone that the style is not right for them – or otherwise, that the style is perfect for them.

In a few instances, customers are not tuned in to these subtle tricks of color. In the end, we will give the customer exactly what he wants (or what she wants – many women also come to us for business suits), and for whatever the occasion. That is why it is important to us to get to know our customers, to understand why they want a suit, on what occasions they typically wear a suit, and how this investment will complement their personality and social standing.

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I went to Narry Tailor two weeks ago with my friend who’s been going to him for years. Seriously they are the best international tailor. I too order 3 piece suits from their shop. You can also give them a try.
John Smith, United Kingdom
The suits is quite good, stylish and attractive. It is one of the best gift to give some one special which is closed to our heart. Narry tailors rocks.
Brad Pitjame, USA


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