We have created a style wizard to make it as easy as possible for you to customize your clothing in any way that you wish. If you would like to include an option that we do not already list, please contact us and we can ensure it is included in your clothing.

We use a range of materials, carefully selected for their quality and appearance. We have three different price ranges to suit every budget and requirements, using materials ranging from Super 120s to Super 180s, from Cashmere and Wool blend to Pure Australian Wool.

If you have ordered from Narry before, either in-store or on an international visit, we will have your measurements on file. Please visit this page and click on the link "Click Here to upload your own image" to send us a description or image of the clothing you would like us to make. We will get back to you with a quote and you can pay for and track your order online. We are working on offering women clothing for new customers through our website but the process is much more complicated than offering clothing for men, due to the sheer number of variations of women cut and fit options and the far more complicated measurements required to ensure the perfect fit. As a brand that is dedicated to offering the highest quality, we want to ensure that we can deliver the perfect garment each and every time.

We offer a range of corporate discounts for larger orders or for inclusion on corporate discount lists. Please email narry@narry.com for more details.

The main business locations are based in Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand. However we visit various countries around the world several times a year to meet with customers personally and to take their measurements and orders. Please contact us for further details.

The advantage of making all of our clothing from start to finish is that we can create any model you like. If you have seen a picture of an item of clothing you would like us to recreate using your exact measurements, please click on Upload your own design? on the online shop first step.

Our materials come from a range of different countries and only from reputable manufacturers. We carry materials from England, Australia, Italy, India and more.

There is a combination of reasons why we are able to produce high quality tailor made clothing cheaper than you can buy them in Western countries. The first is our economies of scale. Having several outlets, Narry.com buys their materials in substantial bulk, meaning that it works out considerably cheaper per yard than it would do buying just one roll at a time. The second is that, being based in a country with a cost of living that is comparatively far cheaper than in the West, our labour costs for highly skilled professional tailors are far cheaper than they would be in other countries. We ensure that our tailors are paid substantially more than the average wage in Thailand to ensure not only that they are able to take good care of themselves and their families but also that we can expect an extremely high level of workmanship at all times from them. The combination of these factors mean that we are able to offer very high quality products at competitive prices.

We have a range of postage options to suit every budget, from a Super Express Courier service to a Super Saver service. The amount you pay depends on how quickly you wish to receive your clothing and how much clothing you order.

Your clothing will be delivered to you in as little as 7 working days, depending on the postage method you decide to use. This gives our tailors time to create your clothing from scratch and for us to carry out full quality control before we dispatch the item.

If you have ordered from Narry before (either in Thailand or during an international visit) we will probably have your measurements on record. You should be automatically notified of this if you sign up using the email address you used when you ordered from us before or the Narry customer number you were provided. If this did not happen please contact us and we will attempt to locate your details as quickly as possible. If you have never ordered from us before, that is not a problem. We have created a Measurement Guide that makes it as easy as possible for you to supply your own measurements. You only need to do this once as your measurements are stored online for all your future orders.

We are an international tailoring company based in Thailand with over 30 years experience. Using only the highest quality materials we create excellently finished, stylish and long lasting tailor made clothing for international clientele.